Monday, May 4, 2009

Tid Bits of This and That

Well, this no TV thing is really hard to get used to but we are surviving! Shawn has been good about it. . I haven't heard to much complaining! On the upside my laundry room has been cleaned out. No more Rubbermaid buckets to run into or card tables falling with a big boom every time you shut the door. I can actually open the door and walk in! Maybe now all the laundry will be washed and dried and put away. Maybe but I doubt it!! The best part of not having the t.v. blare constantly is how quiet the house is all the time. I have read 3 books and counting since the change. I wish Sami enjoyed to read.

I was happy to hear for the first time in awhile the sounds of Sami's cello coming from her bedroom. She could be a great cellist someday. She has decided next fall she is going to try the Flute or Clarinet. There has also been talk of the Saxophone. Secretly I hope she picks the Flute! She loves the Cello but I think the decision has come from her being sick of carrying it around!

In July we are going to Utah!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait. Stadium of Fire here we come. I remember going as a kid. My Aunt and Uncle took us. It was so much fun. I have always wanted to take Sami. I am happy this year I get to. I will be sure to take earplugs when they announce "The Jonas Brothers"! We have extra tickets and I asked my brothers if they wanted them and they laughed and said they aren't going anywhere near that place. I wonder why! Party Poopers! Sami's best friend Christabella will be in Utah with us. She is very excited to finally show her all the places she has told her about. The list is long! I can't wait to take a million pictures. Hurry up July and get here; You are coming to slow!!!!!


Grossarths said...

Wow, stadium of Fire will be so much fun!

Anonymous said...

This s going to be so much Fun! And july needs to get here NOW!