Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lollypops and Dum Dums!

This post is dedicated to the coolest dog in the world Lollypop! AKA "Molly" She loves to ride with us to pick up Shawn from work. Then she hangs out the window and waits for him to come outside! It is pretty funny to watch. She has Shawn wrapped around her tiny finger. Or paw in this case! Shawn swears that he doesn't like dogs but I heard him say just today, "I have never loved any dog more than I do this dog." We were bored waiting for him (cause he never comes out when he says he's going to!) so Sami decided to let Lollypop eat her Dum Dum sucker I picked up for her at the bank. Lolly loves Dum Dum suckers! She kept kissing Sami's nose! She smelt like cotton candy for hours after. A step up from doggie breath I guess!

I love this picture!

Shawn, Lollypops, & Sami
May 14, 2009

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