Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brackett's Landing

Saturday were all a little grumpy so after Sami's volleyball game we decided to go to the beach. I grumbled all the way there. I wanted to go home and get Molly our shit-zu. She loves to be outside. Shawn didn't want to drive all the way home just to pick up Molly and didn't. I was so mad! I knew after we got to the beach I wouldn't care so much but that didn't stop me from grumbling. I wish now I would have listened to myself because we had so much fun. I can't believe my bad attitude almost cost us a great afternoon out together. It makes me sad when I think about the lovely afternoons that have been waisted before now. Note to self: Lighten up a little! If Shawn reads this I think he might faint to see me say this. Hopefully next time I will learn to be happy with being spontaneous. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day...

The first two are of course of Sami! I especially love the first one. She is so cute! She is holding a dead crab and is fascinated by it. She suggested that we should give the crab a proper burial so they burried Mr. Crab and hand made him his own grave marker!

We came across this mermaid sand sculpture! When I first walked up to it it kinda freaked me out. It looked so real I had to take a picture. Sami thought it was "cool but scary!" Doesn't it look like there is a real person underneath? I hope not! If there was they were washed away when the tide came in!

Shawn and Sami are excavating a tunnel. I love this picture because their faces show how much fun the are having together. It was a lot of fun and nice to see them both so happy.

On the way out of the park I told Shawn I wished he would steal the camera from me once in awhile and take a picture of Sami and I. I have all the cute pictures of the two of them and hardly any of me with Sami. No fair!! I was there too.

He took the first one and then told us to make crazy faces! I like to scrapbook (when I have time) and was already composing a layout in my mind and made Sami and Shawn pose for 2 more pictures. I think they turned out nice. Sami was so funny! She makes me laugh all the time! The pose for their crazy picture was her idea. "Deep Thoughts" by Shawn and Sami!


"George Brackett founded Edmonds in 1876 and established the first sawmill here in 1899. Logging and shingling were at the centerof Edmonds' economy. At one time fourteen mills lined the shoreline from Brackett's Landing to Olympic Beach. The last mill in Edmonds closed in 1951.

This site was purchased in 1963 and named in honor of George Brackett. The jetty was constructed in 1989; in 1993 upland improvements were completed.

In 1970 the city created the adjoining Underwater Park; a 27 acre marine preserve and sanctuary. It was one of the first underwater parks on the West Coast. The site includes tide and bottom lands developed with features and trails for scuba divers. Collecting marine life, fishing, or using motorized boats is prohibited."

Can't wait for next Saturday to come. What fun adventure will it bring?


angelalois said...

I've heard Brackett's Landing is just awesome. I'd love to go there sometime if you want to go again! I love the pics. I too compose scrapbook pages in my head!! Hahaha!

uncle stinky said...

change the font color please. It is to hard to read the black font on the purple background.


Uncle Stinky.

Stacey said...

How fun! I've never been to Brackett's Landing. I'll have to try it sometime. Sami is such a good kid.