Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Entertainment...or Pure Boredom?

Is it possible to be so relaxed during a holiday that you are bored? Normally I would answer no to this question but for Shawn, Sami and I it was possible! It was possible to watch to many movies and read our books to much and play on the computer to much; so much to the dogs disadvantage they became our source of free entertainment! Having pets is so much fun! By the way Sami takes full responsibility for this idea...........I wish I had thought of it!

Sami, Molly, Kia, and Moose!

They are such good sports!

Introducing Granny Goose! Yes this really happened right before I took the picture!

Molly is the coolest dog ever! She's like "eehhh what ever mom..."

Mom I think you'll like this picture!

The M & M twins!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I was tagged by Whimsy at the creamery a little more than a few days ago! I am supposed to list 7 random things about myself. A friend recently told me I needed to take more time for myself and I think this might be her way of getting me to do this! So here it goes.....

1.I can't stand clutter. It drives me insane! I feel like screaming! Especially when the house is messy and I need to clean but my kitchen is a disaster. I don't know why but if my kitchen is a mess I can't make myself clean up the rest of the house until it is clean. I feel overwhelmed and end up just sitting there doing nothing. Eventually I convince myself I am going to do the dishes and I gain momentum for the rest of the house!

2.I am not your typical house wife! My poor husband can attest to this. I hate to cook but enjoy an occasional bake fest. Now instead of seriously asking what's for dinner, my husband will ask what I am going to make for dinner and laugh. I am glad he is so good natured about it! I always said I was going to marry a chef! (He really isn't a chef but he is a dang good cook!)

3.Ok this one is a strange one.......I have naturally curly hair. Most of you know this but what you don't know is that the older I get the curlier my hair gets! Even some white hair that is trying to sneak its way in there is curly.

4.I love to read. I always have. I especially enjoy biographies from the 1500, 1600's. Reading is very relaxing. I have read so many books. When I was little and my brother and I were in trouble and grounded to our rooms we would throw our books back and forth between each others room to read. We weren't allowed to talk and our rooms were directly across from one another. I had more books than he did so he was always asking for another one! He must have read my Little House on The Prairie series 5 or 6 times! He'll probably kill me when he reads this! Sorry Geoff but those were the funnest days even though we were in trouble alot!

5.I love to ski. I was introduced to it in junior high. I haven't been able to ski since then and every year I tell husband I want a pair of ski's but he's not listening! Men what are we going to do with them!?!

6.I love snow. I love the snowball fights we used to get into when we were little. I miss tiny snowballs being stuck to the dogs legs and feet and then laughing at the hysterically funny way they walked into the house! I miss trudging up the street to our elementary school hearing the snow crunch under my feet. And I treasure the memories of us sledding down the hills at Sharon Park.

7.My favorite place to be is in the Canyon. It is very peaceful. I love the sights, smells, and sounds. There is a special place called Little Mill Camp Ground. It is in American Fork Canyon in Utah. As a kid every summer was spent there. I remember it taking forever to get everything ready to go. It has a huge rock we named "The sliding Rock" The surface is bumpy yet smooth!. We used to take our old rugs and climb to the top and slide down. Oh Geoff you went through so many pairs of pants! It hurts your bum so bad but the fun out weighs the pain! We have been able to take our kids there once or twice and I am hoping there will be more to come!

So that's a little about me! Now I am supposed to tag 7 other people! So you 7 don't forget to comment on the blogs of those you tag!
  1. Shelley (I know you are busy!)
  2. Jessica
  3. Jeanne
  4. Shawn
  5. Missy
  6. Gary
  7. Keri

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Glass Art

Recently a very nice friend invited me to go to the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. We had not been there before. It was so much fun. Sami missed basketball practice to go with us. Would you believe she told us she'd rather be there at the museum instead of at practice? I nearly fainted! For those of you who know Sami you know basketball is her favorite thing in this world. If you haven't been there I recommend you go. Here are some pictures......Angela I hope you don't mind that I posted a picture of the Wes Man! He enjoyed all the different colors around the gallery.

Angela you are so much fun!

The Wes Man! I love his beautiful blue eyes!

Every few weeks the museum has special artists come and work in the "Hot Shop". On the day we went to the museum the artist Birtil Vallien from Sweden was visiting. Birtil Vallien has been the worlds leading glass art artist since the 1960's and also the first artist to apply sandcasting to glass. He is known for his glass boats that are displayed in many museums in the U.S. Japan and Europe.

We watched as they poured the melted glass into a mold that would later become one of his famous Janus Head Sculptures. I could have sat in there all day and not gotten bored!

This is the inside of the Hot Shop. I love the architecture.

This is the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. It's connected to the museum. It is a 500 ft. long pedestrian bridge that links the museum to downtown Tacoma. The artist Chihuly headed the design and construction of the bridge. It holds many glass sculptures he has created. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen! Sami's eyes got so big when she saw the sculptures! The one she is looking at in this picture was one of her favorite.

I like these sculptures because they look like giant rocks!

The person standing in the middle of them isn't so bad either!

The glass is so beautiful.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Is her name "Sami" or Chatty Cathy"?

We had a parent teacher conference with Sami's teacher last Friday. She said the kids gravitate toward Sami. Her teacher also told us she was going to move the student’s desks around again. Again is an understatement! I told her Sami keeps coming home and telling us she got moved again. I ask her if she was talking too much. She always tells us not that much! Yeah right! Teacher says she is chatty! She says everywhere she moves Sami there are friends at the new table! I think she is getting frustrated and she doesn't know where to put Sami so no one will talk to her! Sami says sometimes she tries to ignore them but they keep talking to her and she gets in trouble! Where does she get this from!?! I am not a talker. Shawn isn't either! It made me laugh. I was also relieved. I have been worried she was spending time at school with only her best friend and not socializing with others. Boy was I wrong!

That is my funny story for the week! How about you?

Halloween 2008

Shawn and I didn't do much for Halloween because Sami wasn't home! I swear when she is a teenager we may never see her! As long as she is having fun I don't mind. Here are some belated Halloween pictures. I didn't get as many as I usually do. A couple of them Sami took herself at her best friends birthday/Halloween party.

We had a good time together picking out her costume. It will serve 2 purposes. For Halloween and later in the year at her schools Soc Hop! Last year at the Soc Hop she didn't dress up so when we found this costume she was really happy.

Having fun at the ward Halloween Party.

After she got home from the ward Halloween party she wanted to show me what she had in her bag. This is her trying to look scary!I love this picture. She is so funny! The spider looks real doesn't it?

Sami took these next pictures of her and her and two best friends being covered in their Halloween loot!

Alexis and Christabella