Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Entertainment...or Pure Boredom?

Is it possible to be so relaxed during a holiday that you are bored? Normally I would answer no to this question but for Shawn, Sami and I it was possible! It was possible to watch to many movies and read our books to much and play on the computer to much; so much to the dogs disadvantage they became our source of free entertainment! Having pets is so much fun! By the way Sami takes full responsibility for this idea...........I wish I had thought of it!

Sami, Molly, Kia, and Moose!

They are such good sports!

Introducing Granny Goose! Yes this really happened right before I took the picture!

Molly is the coolest dog ever! She's like "eehhh what ever mom..."

Mom I think you'll like this picture!

The M & M twins!


Jessica said...

Jillian really enjoyed the pix. She kept saying "That's so cute!"

Brandy said...

Seriously too cute!!

Whimsy said...

Those were just AWESOME.