Monday, November 3, 2008

Is her name "Sami" or Chatty Cathy"?

We had a parent teacher conference with Sami's teacher last Friday. She said the kids gravitate toward Sami. Her teacher also told us she was going to move the student’s desks around again. Again is an understatement! I told her Sami keeps coming home and telling us she got moved again. I ask her if she was talking too much. She always tells us not that much! Yeah right! Teacher says she is chatty! She says everywhere she moves Sami there are friends at the new table! I think she is getting frustrated and she doesn't know where to put Sami so no one will talk to her! Sami says sometimes she tries to ignore them but they keep talking to her and she gets in trouble! Where does she get this from!?! I am not a talker. Shawn isn't either! It made me laugh. I was also relieved. I have been worried she was spending time at school with only her best friend and not socializing with others. Boy was I wrong!

That is my funny story for the week! How about you?

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Whimsy said...

Hmmm... favorite story from this week? How about: I survived the week when my baby decided to limit her nap time to 30 minutes?