Monday, May 25, 2009


Yesterday Shawn and I took the girls down the Meadow Dale Beach Trail. We had so much fun! The crows had fun with the girls bags of chocolate! Shawn took Molly for a swim in the water! We played horse shoes. (Which I won!) It was a lovely day and the weather was perfect. I took so many pictures that It will be a couple of days before I can go through all of them. For now I wanted to share one of my favorites. It is of Sami. She is getting so tall and beautiful. She is becoming a young lady and I am proud to call her my daughter. She is beautiful inside and out. I bought a new camera a couple of weeks ago. It was definitely a want and not a need but I have been waiting and waiting for just the right one and I am happy with the one I chose. Especially when pictures turn out this great! Memories are priceless.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I just had an awesome afternoon. Normally on Thursdays I would be at work but Sami had a Choir field trip to the Harbour Point Retirement Home. Her Music teacher Mrs. Wagner needed some parents to come and help keep track of all the kids. My friend Sharri (Christabellas mom!)and I rode together. We thought the girls would not like us hanging around them and their friends. They didn't seem to mind. The choir sang a bunch of songs in the dinning room of the retirement home. They sounded so nice. One song was about Elvis! Sami's friend Liam is one of only 3 boys in the choir and he wore this really loud shirt with flames. During the song the choir shouts "Play that thing!" over and over and Liam dances around the room pretending to play his guitar. The audience loved this part! After they were finished singing Mrs Wagner wanted to reward them for giving up all their lunch recess time all year for choir so she had the bus driver take them to the new park they just opened up near Paine Field. I'm not sure what it is called. Sami and her group of friends spotted a spaceship and had their picnic under it. Sharri said it was her mother ship come to take her home! The kids thought that was funny and started calling it that! Today was a pretty day to have a picnic. I was sad when it was time to pack up and go home. Here are some pictures I took. I especially like the one of the mother ship!

Sami and Christabella with their music/choir
teacher Mrs. Wagner.

Sami and Christabella. Two peas in a pod! They look so pretty.

Inside the retirement home. This picture doesn't do the room
justice. This room is gorgeous.

We were following the bus to the park and
girls spotted us through the back of the bus!

The Mother Ship! (Jordan, Christabella, Victoria,
Liam, Sami, Alexis, Rosana, and Elise)

They are posing for Sharri. They think they are cool 5th graders!

From left to right:Victoria,Christabella,Jordan,Sami,Alexis,Liam
Elise,Lyssa, & Rosanna.
The park has this cool teeter totter that bends up and down!
I think the kids liked it!

Sami and her friend Rosanna

The Picnic Point Choir May 21, 2009--Harbour Point Retirement Home/Paine Field Park Picnic

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lollypops and Dum Dums!

This post is dedicated to the coolest dog in the world Lollypop! AKA "Molly" She loves to ride with us to pick up Shawn from work. Then she hangs out the window and waits for him to come outside! It is pretty funny to watch. She has Shawn wrapped around her tiny finger. Or paw in this case! Shawn swears that he doesn't like dogs but I heard him say just today, "I have never loved any dog more than I do this dog." We were bored waiting for him (cause he never comes out when he says he's going to!) so Sami decided to let Lollypop eat her Dum Dum sucker I picked up for her at the bank. Lolly loves Dum Dum suckers! She kept kissing Sami's nose! She smelt like cotton candy for hours after. A step up from doggie breath I guess!

I love this picture!

Shawn, Lollypops, & Sami
May 14, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brackett's Landing

Saturday were all a little grumpy so after Sami's volleyball game we decided to go to the beach. I grumbled all the way there. I wanted to go home and get Molly our shit-zu. She loves to be outside. Shawn didn't want to drive all the way home just to pick up Molly and didn't. I was so mad! I knew after we got to the beach I wouldn't care so much but that didn't stop me from grumbling. I wish now I would have listened to myself because we had so much fun. I can't believe my bad attitude almost cost us a great afternoon out together. It makes me sad when I think about the lovely afternoons that have been waisted before now. Note to self: Lighten up a little! If Shawn reads this I think he might faint to see me say this. Hopefully next time I will learn to be happy with being spontaneous. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day...

The first two are of course of Sami! I especially love the first one. She is so cute! She is holding a dead crab and is fascinated by it. She suggested that we should give the crab a proper burial so they burried Mr. Crab and hand made him his own grave marker!

We came across this mermaid sand sculpture! When I first walked up to it it kinda freaked me out. It looked so real I had to take a picture. Sami thought it was "cool but scary!" Doesn't it look like there is a real person underneath? I hope not! If there was they were washed away when the tide came in!

Shawn and Sami are excavating a tunnel. I love this picture because their faces show how much fun the are having together. It was a lot of fun and nice to see them both so happy.

On the way out of the park I told Shawn I wished he would steal the camera from me once in awhile and take a picture of Sami and I. I have all the cute pictures of the two of them and hardly any of me with Sami. No fair!! I was there too.

He took the first one and then told us to make crazy faces! I like to scrapbook (when I have time) and was already composing a layout in my mind and made Sami and Shawn pose for 2 more pictures. I think they turned out nice. Sami was so funny! She makes me laugh all the time! The pose for their crazy picture was her idea. "Deep Thoughts" by Shawn and Sami!


"George Brackett founded Edmonds in 1876 and established the first sawmill here in 1899. Logging and shingling were at the centerof Edmonds' economy. At one time fourteen mills lined the shoreline from Brackett's Landing to Olympic Beach. The last mill in Edmonds closed in 1951.

This site was purchased in 1963 and named in honor of George Brackett. The jetty was constructed in 1989; in 1993 upland improvements were completed.

In 1970 the city created the adjoining Underwater Park; a 27 acre marine preserve and sanctuary. It was one of the first underwater parks on the West Coast. The site includes tide and bottom lands developed with features and trails for scuba divers. Collecting marine life, fishing, or using motorized boats is prohibited."

Can't wait for next Saturday to come. What fun adventure will it bring?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sami has been really sick for the last couple of days. We took her temperature last night and it was 103.5. That was kinda scary. We bought 2 separate thermometers and both of them broke. Next time we buy one it will be me that goes in the store and picks it out! Poor Shawn had to make 3 emergency runs to the store for medication for Sami! The first run Sami asked for a Giant sized Peanut Butter cookie! We said yes to the cookie because she hasn't been eating for the last week. Shawn forgot the cookie so we just went home because Sami was miserable and wanted to sleep. Soon after we arrived home Shawn decided Sami needed some juice. So off to the store to get some juice! He came home with a giant peanut butter cookie but when he opened the new medicine the seal had been broken! So off to the store for the 3rd time! Such a good sport. When he came home he brought these for Sami, So sweet it made her smile!!!!

My digital camera is dead right now so all I had to take this picture was my cell phone. I think it turned out pretty good. I wanted to get a picture for Sami before they die. Can anyone see the hidden object in the picture!!!???? I didn't see it until I downloaded the picture!

Tid Bits of This and That

Well, this no TV thing is really hard to get used to but we are surviving! Shawn has been good about it. . I haven't heard to much complaining! On the upside my laundry room has been cleaned out. No more Rubbermaid buckets to run into or card tables falling with a big boom every time you shut the door. I can actually open the door and walk in! Maybe now all the laundry will be washed and dried and put away. Maybe but I doubt it!! The best part of not having the t.v. blare constantly is how quiet the house is all the time. I have read 3 books and counting since the change. I wish Sami enjoyed to read.

I was happy to hear for the first time in awhile the sounds of Sami's cello coming from her bedroom. She could be a great cellist someday. She has decided next fall she is going to try the Flute or Clarinet. There has also been talk of the Saxophone. Secretly I hope she picks the Flute! She loves the Cello but I think the decision has come from her being sick of carrying it around!

In July we are going to Utah!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait. Stadium of Fire here we come. I remember going as a kid. My Aunt and Uncle took us. It was so much fun. I have always wanted to take Sami. I am happy this year I get to. I will be sure to take earplugs when they announce "The Jonas Brothers"! We have extra tickets and I asked my brothers if they wanted them and they laughed and said they aren't going anywhere near that place. I wonder why! Party Poopers! Sami's best friend Christabella will be in Utah with us. She is very excited to finally show her all the places she has told her about. The list is long! I can't wait to take a million pictures. Hurry up July and get here; You are coming to slow!!!!!