Thursday, May 21, 2009

I just had an awesome afternoon. Normally on Thursdays I would be at work but Sami had a Choir field trip to the Harbour Point Retirement Home. Her Music teacher Mrs. Wagner needed some parents to come and help keep track of all the kids. My friend Sharri (Christabellas mom!)and I rode together. We thought the girls would not like us hanging around them and their friends. They didn't seem to mind. The choir sang a bunch of songs in the dinning room of the retirement home. They sounded so nice. One song was about Elvis! Sami's friend Liam is one of only 3 boys in the choir and he wore this really loud shirt with flames. During the song the choir shouts "Play that thing!" over and over and Liam dances around the room pretending to play his guitar. The audience loved this part! After they were finished singing Mrs Wagner wanted to reward them for giving up all their lunch recess time all year for choir so she had the bus driver take them to the new park they just opened up near Paine Field. I'm not sure what it is called. Sami and her group of friends spotted a spaceship and had their picnic under it. Sharri said it was her mother ship come to take her home! The kids thought that was funny and started calling it that! Today was a pretty day to have a picnic. I was sad when it was time to pack up and go home. Here are some pictures I took. I especially like the one of the mother ship!

Sami and Christabella with their music/choir
teacher Mrs. Wagner.

Sami and Christabella. Two peas in a pod! They look so pretty.

Inside the retirement home. This picture doesn't do the room
justice. This room is gorgeous.

We were following the bus to the park and
girls spotted us through the back of the bus!

The Mother Ship! (Jordan, Christabella, Victoria,
Liam, Sami, Alexis, Rosana, and Elise)

They are posing for Sharri. They think they are cool 5th graders!

From left to right:Victoria,Christabella,Jordan,Sami,Alexis,Liam
Elise,Lyssa, & Rosanna.
The park has this cool teeter totter that bends up and down!
I think the kids liked it!

Sami and her friend Rosanna

The Picnic Point Choir May 21, 2009--Harbour Point Retirement Home/Paine Field Park Picnic

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