Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

Shawn and I didn't do much for Halloween because Sami wasn't home! I swear when she is a teenager we may never see her! As long as she is having fun I don't mind. Here are some belated Halloween pictures. I didn't get as many as I usually do. A couple of them Sami took herself at her best friends birthday/Halloween party.

We had a good time together picking out her costume. It will serve 2 purposes. For Halloween and later in the year at her schools Soc Hop! Last year at the Soc Hop she didn't dress up so when we found this costume she was really happy.

Having fun at the ward Halloween Party.

After she got home from the ward Halloween party she wanted to show me what she had in her bag. This is her trying to look scary!I love this picture. She is so funny! The spider looks real doesn't it?

Sami took these next pictures of her and her and two best friends being covered in their Halloween loot!

Alexis and Christabella


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