Sunday, October 19, 2008

Working Late, Or Are We?

On Saturday we had planned to visit a beach but a certain someone fell asleep again! (You know who you are!) So instead we made a late night trip to Shawn's office. We had a good time. I am happy now for the change of plans. Although is was kind of scary being the only ones there in the dark. Shawn wanted to see what I would look like wearing his hard hat so he took ( yes he actually took a picture of me!!!) this picture of Sami and I messing around with his plans! I love this picture! We had so much fun. Who knew a boring office could be so much fun! (I only say it is boring because I don't understand a lot of it!) Check out Sami's expression!!!

Shawn's reflective vest really works!!!

I love how her eyes sparkle in this picture. You can tell she is having a good time.
I took this picture because Sami's hair is all outa whack! She is really happy. Really! She would someday like to become an actess!

Maybe Shawn wants to become an actor too!

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