Friday, October 24, 2008

Hidden Treasures

A couple of days ago I had a bus trip scheduled to take my seniors to Costco. Normally I am supposed to cancel the trip if less than 5 people show up. This day only 4 came so I was very excited at the prospect of not having to go. I was so tired that day. Sometimes when I get that tired I don't want to drive them but in the end I can't bear to tell them no and always end up taking them anyway! On this day I am glad I did. Who knew a grocery store parking lot was so beautiful! Can you imagine what we miss when we don't slow down enough to see beyond the surface of things? It can be as simple as a kind word or even a smile! All those hidden treasures are out there waiting to be discovered. What hidden treasure have you found this week?

I thought this rock was so beautiful. I like the shape of it

If you walk just past the tree in the picture above you come to this hidden forest! . I was so excited when I found it. A perfect place to sit and read my book.
The only problem was I was reading the end of "New Moon" and it was scary sitting
there by myself! I had to get up after a while and sit out under the trees by my bus!
Next time I won't take a suspenseful book to read and it will be more relaxing

The trail is not very long. It just goes up the side of Costco and it's parking lot.

This part was so pretty and untouched that I did not go past and disturb it.


BeccaJane said...

Wow, those are gorgeous pics! I'm very impressed!! I agree with what you wrote about just slowing down sometimes. Our world is so rushed, and I think we do miss the beauty of our lives. A lot of times I will just sit and do nothing but watch Cameron. His face, his hands, his body language. It's amazing to watch my little son learn and explore.

angelalois said...

yeah I really like the first picture. wow. it looks like it's from a book or something!

Heidi W. said...

Thanks you guys! The first pic. is my favorite also. Would you believe it if I told you I took them with Shawn's cell phone!?! He keeps telling me not to because it costs money but I told him I can't help it! When there is a picture to be taken you have to take it! Thanks for your comments.