Saturday, October 4, 2008

Poor Margaret Tudor

I just finished my Fourth book about the reign of Henry the VIII. After reading this last book I have decided how fortunate I am to be able to live in this present period of time. I feel sad when I think about the life of Henry the VIII sister, Margaret Tudor. She would later become Queen of Scotland at the age of 13. She'd eventually fall in love with the man and king James IV. But when she is said to have had a vision of her husbands death brought on by her brothers (Henry the VIII) armies her life would never be the same. She begged James to let his army advance without him; but he wouldn't listen and never returned to Scotland. Margaret was now a widow with an infant son. She secrectly married another man who later robbed her of her rents and openly cheated on her with other women using her money to support his illegitimate children. She would also have her children kidnapped. Near the end of her life she did find some happiness in her grandchildren but died a very poor former Queen of Scotland who desperately wanted to return to her home land of England. I am thankful for the gift of agency.

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