Thursday, February 11, 2010

Me and Mr. Bumble Bee

I have this beautiful friend and fellow blogger named Whimsey! She has an awesome blog that I love to read. She is real and her personality jumps off the screen at you.  She hosts contests and book clubs and mystery pictures! This week is a miniolympic contest with a point system.  If your comment on a post is her husbands favorite you get points. If someone comments to just cheer for you, you get points. It is a lot of fun. Today Whimsey asked us to tell them an embarrassing story and here is what I posted....
"I couldn't think of an embarrassing story, so I enlisted my family in the fun of "making fun" of me! I was pretty positive they wouldn't let me down and it turns out I was right! So my cousin fondly reminded me of this.....! "I believe I remember the time you sat on a huge bumble bee when we were all camping once and it stung your butt!" I read this on my cell phone in the middle of a grocery store and couldn't stop giggling! It reminded me of a similar bee incident about 7 years ago... My mom and I were haveing a nice picnic on a blanket in a park with Sami and some of her cousins when a huge bumble bee decided it was going to chase me...It did chase me, in circles, around the picnic blanket, in the middle of the park, with on lookers and my mother laughing hysterically at me! Evil bumble bees!!!! I Hate You!!!"

Thank you Shauna for the funny story!  Thank you Whimsey for helping me learn to be myself.


Rose said...

Hahaha, I really liked that story!

Heidi said...

Thank you!