Friday, February 5, 2010

Better than a Big Mac!!!

By request I am FINALLY posting these pictures of the birthday cake I made for Shawn on his last birthday in May of 2009! If you know my husband you know he loves his Big Macs! I found the recipe on this fun website; .   Personally I think my cake turned out better! What do you think?


I think mine is a bit more realistic.

The Process

The whole process took me hours and hours...I am talking like 5 or more hours but it was alot of fun.
First you bake 2 round cakes and frost them.  Then you make up a batch of yummy rice crispy treats
and press them in a round cake pan. This is supposed to be the hamburger patty.  I was so proud how realistic it looked I had to take a picture of it!

I used food coloring to color the fondant and rolled it out with a rolling pin. The tomatoes were fun to make but the lettuce was really hard.  Your supposed to crinkle it to make it look like real lettuce! Not easy!

After hours and hours of work I got 2 thumbs up from Sami who said it looked awesome but
 couldn't be convinced to help me clean up..........

my DESTROYED kitchen so I freaked her out with my super scary (and messy) hands!

In the end I had one extremely happy husband who said it was the best birthday present he had ever recieved, and a cake that never got eaten because nobody wanted to mess it up!


angelalois said...

OMIGOSH!!!!! I AM SO GLAD YOU POSTED THIS. And we even got a play by play! WOW! The fries if I remember also looked really good; were they made of poundcake or something?? Seriously Heidi when I saw this in your house it was the COOLEST THING I have ever seen. I am so ridiculously impressed. Did you do the fondant yourself too?? That stuff is hard to make!

Whimsy said...

Dude. That is AWESOME. And also a leeeetle bit scary. I think I'd have a hard time biting into it and not thinking Big Mac. Good work!

Missy said...

That is awesome!! I don't think I could ever make something like that!

Keri Parr said...

that is an amazing idea. what are you going to do this year? I am interested to see what you can come up with this year.

Heidi said...

You guys are so nice! Thank you so much.

Angela, I didn't make the fondant. I bought it white and added the color to it. Yes the fries were made out of pound cake but I saw another version of them made out of a giant sugar cookie just cut to resemble fries.

Keri, thanks for the comment. I was so excited to see your name! I was like, she finally has a blog! I keep telling you you should start one for just your family! It was good talking with you on Sunday!

Kati said...

That is ridiculously awesome! I am so impressed! :)