Saturday, January 3, 2009


Traveling makes you sleepy. Especially if you travel in the worst possible way. Driving. I absolutely hate to drive when we are traveling. I would much rather fly and get there faster but someone is afraid of flying! Not me. I love to fly. My favorite part of flying is the take off. For most people that is the scariest part. Because my other half will not step foot on an airplane I am doomed to a life of endless roads and barren hills seen from the inside of a cramped rental car. (Hey at least it isn't the "Black Bomb"! awhh the "Black Bomb has thankfully gone on to another world apart from ours. But that in itself is another story for another time!) Though I hate to drive to our destinations I love the time I get to spend with my family. It is impossible for me to sleep in the car. I try every time we take a trip. Others passengers don't seem to have the same problem I have..............!

Pretty funny I know. My favorite part of this photo is the person sitting in the middle! This kid can sleep anywhere! She slept pretty much all the way to Utah in December and all the way home. Check out her expression and the hoodie over half of her face! Her cousin Donavan sitting next to her was probably thinking "Well if she is going to sleep the whole way and not talk to me I might as well sleep too!"

Half way to Utah I was really getting bored so I took out a notebook and started writing a story. I wrote a couple of sentences and passed it to Sami. She'd add a little and pass it on to Donavan and then my sister Shelley. Shelley's parts were always funny and it was hard adding to the story after she had her turn! It was a silly story all about the girls and our dog kia. Some day I will type it up and add some drawings of kia and the kids and have it bound for them to keep. It was fun doing this until the girls became bored and found other means of entertainment!

Those are Jolly Ranchers in their mouths! Who knew Jolly Ranchers could be so much fun until................

They get sleepy and fall asleep again! The Hoodie Gangsters aren't so tuff when they are asleep are they!?!

Especially not when you wake up and mom pulls your hoodie strings so hard you loose all but your eyes and half your nose!

Even though I can't sleep in the car and I hate to drive while traveling I wouldn't trade it for flying and miss out on all the fun we have and crazy things we do along the way.

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